To watch show-stopping, award-winning illusionist Lyn Dillies at work, it’s hard to believe she was once a painfully shy little girl, but it’s true.  It wasn’t until Bill Bixby came along as TV’s The Magician that Lyn’s life was changed forever.  She may have only been 12, but there was no questioning her destiny to become not only a first-rate illusionist, but undeniably one of the finest, most-respected illusionists in the world.

As Lyn says, “Magic has been my vehicle to not only entertain, but inspire lives and make a difference.  It’s what I was born to do.”

Lyn’s spectacular, eye-defying illusions have been astounding audiences for over two decades.  In 2013 she was the first female illusionist in history to receive the prestigious Milbourne Christopher Award – the Academy Award of magic – from the Society of American Magicians (past recipients have included David Copperfield, Penn and Teller and Siegfried and Roy), and the Merlin Award for Female Illusionist of the Year from the International Magician’s Society in 2009.  Lyn has made numerous television appearances and has shared the stage with such notable entertainers as Marvin Hamlisch, Jeff Dunham, Bill Engval and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Career Highlights

The first illusionist ever to make two live Asian elephants appear in succession (during the grand opening of the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, Mass.); producing her Learn Magic with Lyn DVD, which empowers children to perform their own magic; creating Your Vote is Magic!, a public service campaign to promote voter awareness; and her Magic at the Symphony program, which sets some of the most breathtaking illusions in magic against the beauty and drama of symphonic classics – a truly unique entertainment experience.

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