The Magic Of Music

  • The Perfect Fundraising Solution for your Music Program

  • America’s Premier Female Illusionist Lyn Dillies’ heritage is anchored in magic and music. 

Lyn’s great-grandfather, Thomas Wyatt, was an amateur magician and member of the New Bedford(MA) Magic Wand Club, an organization Lyn was to join in her early teens.  She inherited her deep love and appreciation of classical music from her grandfather, Kenneth Park, a professional violinist and music director of the New Bedford public school system.  For the past fourteen years, amidst her regular touring show, Lyn has been performing her Magic At The Symphony program she originated with major symphonies all over the country.  It combines her illusions with classical music played by a full symphony orchestra.  It is with sheer artistry that she blends the worlds she loves, bringing audiences an unforgettable appreciation for the magic of music.

Lyn truly believes in nurturing the future of music which hinges on sustaining school music programs with constant fundraising efforts.

Now she’d like to share her experience and passion in magic and music with your organization to help raise the funds necessary to keep your music program flourishing!

Here’s how it works:

  • Lyn would perform her nationally acclaimed eighty five minute touring illusion show at your high school.  She travels with her own crew, truck, state of the art lighting and sound.  Her show contains some of the most spectacular illusions in the world of magic choreographed to music as well as audience participation.  Lyn’s show has appeared at the Magic Castle in Hollywood to Lincoln Center in NYC.  It’s perfect fun and entertainment for the entire family.

  • A violin student from the music program can be featured playing a solo (Copland’s Simple Gifts) during one of Lyn’s signature routines.

  • A principal or popular teacher can be used in the show to promote ticket sales.  He or she can be placed in a Guillotine Illusion or Sawed In Half!

  • Aside from advertising the show in the community with posters and flyers, using the students from the music program to sell tickets can guarantee a successful turnout.  Each student is responsible for selling x amount of tickets.

  • Lyn is available for any press opportunities such as print, tv, or radio interviews.

    To learn more about Lyn, please visit her websites:

    For more information, call Lyn at 508-636-2484.  You may call Susan Saraiva from the Dartmouth Schools Music Association for a recommendation.  508-542-1992