Lyn's work with elephants. 

LYN DILLIES has made magic history three times for her groundbreaking work with elephants.  Lyn and these magnificent animals have become such wonderful friends.  Lyn says, “Working with Emily and Ruth has been such a privilege that I will treasure forever.  These gentle giants are sensitive, intelligent, warm, adorable and at times, comical!!!  I constantly pinch myself whenever I have the opportunity to work with them.  It truly has been a dream come true and I love them dearly.” 

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The illusions involving Emily and Ruth took many months of training and each elephant enjoyed every minute of the process.  It was great enrichment for them and they just loved the adulation from the audience.   The key was to use as much desensitizing in their training as possible.  Everyday, they would listen to a CD with various noises such as; crowds cheering, thunder, fireworks, and also the music for the illusion to mimic any potential noise or distraction when the illusion would be performed.   Their positive reinforcement was their favorite treat - red seedless grapes!  A version of the illusion was set up in their den months in advance so they could get used to different elements of the illusion.  Emily and Ruth could always sense the electricity in the air because they would get super excited before each feat!

I hope that these videos will give each viewer a deeper appreciation for how special these animals are and will consider making a donation to any of the following elephant conservation organizations who are desperately trying to preserve the Asian and African Elephant species.  This is one disappearing act we NEVER want to see happen.

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