About the Mission

In 2008, Lyn originated a one woman public service campaign and voter rally in New Bedford,  Massachusetts to get people interested in voting. For the finale of the event, and for the first time  in history, Lyn produced the two live mascots –out of thin air! Yes, a donkey and an elephant! The illusion made the national news and helped pave the way for the second phase of Lyn’s vision and mission.


In 2011, Lyn wrote a book, Your Vote Is Magic!, about the experience, including an important overview of voting history and why voting is so important in our lives. It is her hope that  the book will be happily passed along to NEW GENERATIONS of voters as they begin their journey to responsible citizenship. “Voting is the unparalled freedom to steer our own course, and it’s price has been paid dearly throughout out history,” says Lyn. “Many Americans have paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend and preserve the right to vote – and we honor their memories when we exercise that right. I sincerely hope that my book raises young people’s awareness of voting as a sacred privilege.”


For College Programs


Full length Illusion


Now for the third phase:  Lyn has designed an original program that integrates her magic and illusions from her touring show with her compelling story based on the book she wrote, Your Vote Is Magic! about the importance of voting. It features a fascinating power point presentation that weaves voting history into the program which will educate and inspire young people about civic responsibility and in a very magical way, teach them that their vote is their voice. 


·         Origins of the political mascots

·         Examples of close elections proving every vote matters

·         How does voting impact my life?

·         Summary of voting history including a segment on the

          Woman’s Suffrage Movement

·         15th, 19th, 26th Amendment and the Voting Rights Act

·         Cameos of veterans explaining what voting means to them

Program length:  one hour

Easy to present:   Lyn and her crew can customize the program to fit any sized venue or audience.  The program is designed to be modified for small groups as well.


For more information, e-mail: lyn@magicoflyn.com