Learn a trick, enter a contest, read about elephants – It’s all fun to do and it’s MAGIC!

As a treat for you, here’s one of the tricks from my Learn Magic With Lyn DVD that you can do.  Just promise me that you will practice it many times before you show it to someone and don’t give away the secret! That’s RULE #1 in magic – NEVER TELL THE SECRET!

One of the biggest, most exciting moments of my career has been working with elephants.  I have made them appear out of thin air and have also read their minds…and they have very big minds!!! 


There are two types of elephants: Asian and African  

They are both really huge animals but the African is the larger of the two and their ears are also much bigger than the Asian elephant.  An elephant can cool itself down by flapping their ears.  I’ve been left in a cloud of dust when Emily and Ruth start flapping!

My friends, Emily and Ruth, are both Asian elephants.

Elephants smell and breathe with their trunks.  An elephant’s trunk has more than 100,000 muscles.  I’ve seen my friends move heavy logs with their trunks like they are moving toothpicks and I’ve also seen how they can easily manipulate the tip of their trunks to pick up a stray grape on the ground.  Check out Emily and Ruth holding the paintbrushes in their trunks to paint.  They really are amazing!

An elephant can live up to 70 years.  They never stop growing so the larger the elephant, the older it is.

Elephants are herbivores which means they don’t eat any meat.  They survive on different types of grass and hay, leaves, fruits, roots and tree branches.  They can eat up to 330 pounds of vegetation and drink up to 40 gallons of water a day. 

We can only hear about a third of elephant sounds.  They have their own special way of communicating.  Out in the wild, they can tell each other in their own magical way, where the watering holes are,  even if each elephant are miles away from each other.   Remember, they don’t have cell phones!

One of my favorite things about Emily and Ruth is that they are quite humanlike with their emotions.  They can play and laugh.  You definitely know when they are happy.  They can also cry when they are sad.  Whenever we would rehearse the illusion that they were magically produced in, they had the best time.  Their ears would be flapping, their tails wagging, and they made the cutest squeals.   They were so excited the night we premiered the illusion.  When I talked to them before the show, their foreheads were vibrating.  They knew it was their big night!!!  And they did such a great job!

Most people think elephants love peanuts.  Wrong!  One of Emily and Ruth’s favorite treats are red seedless grapes.  Whenever I visit them, that’s what I always bring and they can’t wait for me to open the bag.  When I finish feeding them, they stick their trunks in my pockets searching for more. 

Here’s a gift to you from Lyn.  It’s one of the tricks from her Learn Magic With Lyn DVD.  Have fun!


A special message from Lyn.

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